Languages & Technology

C#, Java, C++, PHP

We perform all kinds of programming work for our clients in C#, Visual Basic, VBA, Java or C++

Custom software is the ultimate utility in your business. It can be designed to work exactly as you need it and provide the support you need that you would not get from an off the shelf software product.

Convert your Access database to a Web Application running on the internet with access from anywhere.

The .NET Framework is Microsoft's latest software design framework. It enables software to be rapidly designed taking care of most of the common tasks and providing libraries for programs to use.

We have designed many custom business applications on the .NET Framework and would be happy to provide you with advice and service if you are considering this option.

  • Credit Card Processing
  • Business Automation
  • Email Reporting & Delivery
  • Web Application Development
  • C#, C++, Java, PHP